MedMud live @ Tape

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I did a short gig at Tape, in Arnhem, sept 24 2010. Tapes, 2 delays, short wave radios.

(camera: Mark Kuijpers)

i edit video, too

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Short impression of the Zirkus 8Bahn dance-festival, sept 4, 2010, Arnhem


Music by:

  • Jazzsteppa
  • Brandt, Brauer, Frick
  • Wilcoo & Pindu
  • Luke Slater
  • Aux Raux

Camera: Pako Tan


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MedMud – Cartilage (direct download)


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MedMud – Bal-impuls(direct download)

sounds from space, visualized

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back, and stuff

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Looks like opnemer.org is back up. Hopefully, it’s back to stay.