Optimus Prime live set

In live, MedMud, noise on January 16, 2014 tagged , , by Erik

On sunday, january 13th I attended the Optimus Prime Noisefest. It was awesome.

I did a short set, just over ten minutes, which was very… crunchy. It’s as close to a noise set as I’ve ever come. Hardware only, too: The Vatican Analog crew stated that it was okay to bring a laptop but only if it was sawed in half at the end of the show.
So, only hardware it was: an MD-player, an old walkman, my Electribe EA1, a delay pedal and a mixer. The MD-player and walkman provided a drone and a field recording respectively, which got processed with the Electribe and stomp box. The mixer has no headroom to speak of so things started to get distorted pretty quickly.

I enjoyed the other performances immensely. Looking forward to the next edition!