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Last month I participated in two exhibitions curated by Gallery Epix.

The first was titled Anything But Paint. My contribution was a computer installation made with Pd, databended images, a webcam and aging hardware. Images to follow.

My contribution to the second expo, called Anything With Paint, was a painting made with mud. Long story, and details-with images- will follow soon.

It was great fun exhibiting these works. Epix is a cool spot. More about them, later, too. I’m gathering all images and videos and will post them as soon as I got them.

live(ish) video

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I set up a video installation for the last proper Nachtkerk event, april 4th 2011. Never got around to post the video until now.
The installation is based on some of the videos I made for crib.sheet except they respond to the music the DJs played. It ran for 6 hours straight in a noisy and damp environment and was stable as a rock.

more mixes: Knorrr

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Recorded for the Knorr preview at the Dagschotel party, feb 11 2012. Very rough mix because of a beat up soundsystem and no monitors. The crowd certainly didn’t mind.
Recorded with my Zoom H2, gear was a pair of Pioneer CDJ-1000 mk3s and a Pioneer Mixer.

This mix represents the other side of what I tend to spin.

Knorr feb. 11 2012 by Eriqk on Mixcloud

Maw Maw Mixes

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Finally recorded some mixes. These were recorded at Extrapool during Maw Maw. Maw Maw is a fun monthly event with coctail specials, budget bagels, cool workshops and nice music.

These mixes represent one end of the music I play when DJing.

Maw Maw, feb. 3rd, 2012, Nijmegen by Eriqk on Mixcloud

Maw Maw feb 3rd 2012 part 2 by Eriqk on Mixcloud

back (again)

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Hi there.

It’s been nearly a year since my last message. Stuff got in the way and I kind of got fed up with the site as it was.
So, I decided to write a theme from scratch. It’s mostly the first version of my site with bits updated. It’s HTML5 now, too.
There are some bugs to be fixed (probably in the hackiest of ways) but I’m mostly happy.

I’ve been busy, too. Booked some great acts in the first half of 2011, did some video art (clip TBA) and I’ve mostly been DJing (mixes TBA). And I’m learning how to write wordpress themes from scratch. Great fun.

live with pure data

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On friday 11 february I played a set at Bosch Acousmatic. Apart from the usual tape stuff, I ran my set through a pd patch on my netbook. This went very well.

The evening was opened by The Acoustic Electric Chamber Orchestra. TAECO are Steven Vinkenoog and Frank Baijer who play guitars, balalaikas and toy microphones. The room and silence play a large part in their music. The set they played last friday was truly mesmerizing.

My set included more synthetic tones. I started with a drone which returned later in my set. I also used unprocessed field recordings to contrast the processed noisiness.

My usual rollercoaster of feedback loops was completed with a Pure Data patch. Pure Data, Pd for short, is Max/MSP’s half sibling and is an impressive piece of Free software. My patch isn’t very impressive but worked very well and the bits and pieces it was built from are available for download here.

Unfortunately, I forgot to switch on my Zoom H2, so no recordings. NOOOOOOO

live MedMudisms added

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radiophonic workshop flyer

On december 2nd I played live in Etalage De Derde Wal in Nijmegen during the Radiophonic Workshop evening. Bertin‘s Korg MS20 spiced things up a bit.

Other attendees were Frans de Waard (Beequeen, Kapotte Muziek, Zebra, Ezdanitoff, among many, many others) and Cotopaxi (Fyoelk, Moemlien).

Recording added here.

USB soundcards on Debian and Ubuntu

In noise on November 26, 2010 by Erik

To my frustration, I noticed that my trusty Edirol UA-25 refused to work properly on Ubuntu 10.04. I spend quite some time tracking this problem down; eventually I found out that USB soundcards are moved down in priority.

The result of this are, among other things:

  • Jackd won’t start
  • Pd won’t find the soundcard
  • Mixxx won’t start

In other words, no end of grief.
On Ubuntu, this started from 9.10 on (and because of this, also affects Pure:Dyne), on Debian this affects Squeeze.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution!

On Debian’s bug-tracker, I found the following simple fix:
in /etc/modprobe.d/ create a file called local.conf. In this file, add the lines

alias snd-card-0 snd-usb-audio
options snd-usb-audio index=0

Reboot, or do sudo alsa reload and you’re done.

new videos; now with added youtubes

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I decided to temporarily use youtube as a host for my videos. Saves server space and is easier to link and embed. Also, the HTML5-style links don’t seem to work too well from a remote server.

Oh well. I don’t really like it but it works.

Videos here. The direct download links to the .ogvs are still there for the flash impaired.

MedMud live @ Tape

In live, MedMud, noise, video on September 28, 2010 by Erik

I did a short gig at Tape, in Arnhem, sept 24 2010. Tapes, 2 delays, short wave radios.

(camera: Mark Kuijpers)

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