Broken Video

In art, video on January 10, 2014 tagged , , , by Erik

I like broken videos. This one was broken by me and was eventually used during the Salon Brut event at Willemeen

art, exhibitions and stuff

In art on April 26, 2012 tagged , , , , by Erik

Last month I participated in two exhibitions curated by Gallery Epix.

The first was titled Anything But Paint. My contribution was a computer installation made with Pd, databended images, a webcam and aging hardware. Images to follow.

My contribution to the second expo, called Anything With Paint, was a painting made with mud. Long story, and details-with images- will follow soon.

It was great fun exhibiting these works. Epix is a cool spot. More about them, later, too. I’m gathering all images and videos and will post them as soon as I got them.