EPIX: Anything With Paint

In art on January 10, 2013 tagged , , , by Erik

Anything But Paint was immediately followed by another exhibition called Anything With Paint. The idea was to present paintings with unusual media and unusual surfaces.

My work, Procedural 1, was again a procedural work:
I made a sound recording in the gallery;
I opened the sound file in a graphics editor;< br />
Reduced the resulting image to its graphical essence;
I used the image as the basis for a painting. The medium I chose was mud.

I used mud because it’s the most base medium for a painting. The mud I used came from the banks of the Rhine, because at this point (Arnhem) it’s matter collected from all countries along its course.

The work progressed during the week of the exhibition. Afterwards, I wiped the wall clean and returned the mud, now mostly dry, to the river.